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About Rainbow Six Siege Credits

  Rainbow Six: Siege gets a selection of cosmetic items for the summer with the Sunsplash Collection. The skins, pendants and outfits are only available for real money, which sometimes makes players very angry. Ubisoft has prepared a cosmetic collection for Rainbow Six: Siege. The cosmetic items are available via Sunsplash Packs. In addition to operator outfits, various trailers and weapons skins may be included in the packages, but the matter has a small catch. The new Sunsplash Packs cannot be unlocked via game progress. This means that you can not pay them with in-game points, but only with real money. So if you want to enjoy the summer fun, you have to grab the purse much like the Outbreak event. you can buy cheap R6 Credits packs at MMOROG.COM at much cheaper prices than on official store.